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Former Fed chairman gets job at College

Ex-staff association head has a secondment to the professional body
Published - 05/01/2018 By - Ian Weinfass - Police Oracle

Former Police Federation chairman Steve White will join the College of Policing.

The inspector is to become the organisation’s first ever license to practice manager.

The “license to practice” concept means personnel in specialist roles will need to be trained and accredited in the same way firearms officers are.

A pilot for child sexual abuse investigators is ongoing at three forces and will conclude in the spring. Other roles will become part of the programme later.

A spokesman for the College said: “Steve White will be joining the College of Policing as the licence to practise manager, on a six-month secondment, from January 29.

“The College is currently working to develop a licence to practise approach in high-risk policing roles.”

According to a document on the organisation’s website, one of the purposes of the job is to help define the criteria to be met by specialist officers in order to get their license.

Insp White, of Avon and Somerset Constabulary, served as chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales from 2014 until last month.

He steered through the Normington Review reforms.

Unusually for a national staff association chairman he has not retired after ending his term.

In a statement on the appointment of new College CEO Mike Cunningham in November, Insp White said frontline officers are not aware of how the organisation serves them.

He said: “We would encourage [Mr Cunningham] to now lead the way in working closely with the Federation to help bridge the gap between the College and those on the front line of policing, demonstrating its relevance to rank-and-file officers who are confused about its link to their day-to-day work.”

Candidates for the license to practice post were required to complete a written application form before being interviewed by a panel involving representatives from the College and the Home Office.

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