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HMI takes over at College of Policing

Former chief constable Mike Cunningham has been appointed
Published - 07/11/2017 By - Ian Weinfass - Police Oracle

A former chief constable turned HMI has been announced as the new chief executive of the College of Policing.

Mike Cunningham, who led Staffordshire Police from 2009-2014, has been appointed to take over the post vacated by Alex Marshall in the summer.

College of Policing interim chairman Millie Banerjee said: “Mike brings a wealth of experience to this key role and during the assessment process he impressed the panel with his vision for the College in this next stage of development."

His start date has not been announced yet, with interim CEO Rachel Tuffin continuing to lead the body until then.

Since its establishment in 2012 the organisation has introduced a code of ethics, led on introducing direct entrants into the service, as well as the programme to turn policing into a graduate profession.

Mr Cunningham said: “Over the last few years the College has established itself at the heart of the reform agenda for policing.

"In this next stage, the challenge is to move that on so that all those working across policing have a clear understanding of how the College connects and supports them to deliver a service to the public.

“Policing faces a future of increasing and changing demand. The College has a major contribution to make in supporting the service, helping leaders at all levels work through the challenges, and developing a workforce that is well equipped to do the job asked of them.”

Last week PCCs criticised the length of time taken to appoint a new CEO, and the disconnect between the organisation and ordinary police officers.

South Wales PCC Alun Michael said: "It's merely a board owned by the Home Office rather than a body owned by the whole of policing.”

It was also announced last week that chiefs had called on the body to halt the roll-out of linking promotion in rank to earning specific academic qualifications.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the College is central to the government's police reform programme.

"Under Mike's leadership I know the College will help forces shape their own futures as we embark on the next chapter of that work," she said.

Police Federation chairman Steve White called for Mr Cunningham to "help bridge the gap between the College and those on the frontline of policing, demonstrating its relevance to rank-and-file officers who are confused about its link to their day to day work".

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