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West Yorkshire secures PCSO funds through apprenticeship levy

The Leeds based Asda chain has allocated £99k of their apprenticeship levy to support new PCSOs.
Published - 06/09/2023 By - Cachella Smith

The Mayor of West Yorkshire has secured funding for training new PCSOs through a local business’ apprenticeship levy.

The Leeds based supermarket chain Asda has allocated £99,000 of apprenticeship funding to support 11 new PCSOs who are currently in training through their apprenticeships.

The apprenticeship levy is paid at a rate of 0.5% of an employer’s annual pay bill for those with a pay bill of more than £3m.

For employers who won’t make full use of their own levy funds, the Apprenticeship Levy Transfer scheme enables them to pledge up to 25% of their funds to other businesses. It’s a way of supporting industries of their choice, or supporting apprenticeships in a particular area.

Businesses who themselves pay the apprenticeship levy are still eligible to receive a transfer of levy funds.

Other forces have also it as a way of raising funds for training new recruits including West Midlands and Deutsche Bank who allocated funds for the PCDA.

Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire, said: “Here in West Yorkshire, we’re bringing together businesses and training providers to ensure young people get the skills they need to succeed.

“I’m thrilled that our support is helping to bolster the region’s police force, as we work to build a safer, fairer West Yorkshire for all.

“It was wonderful to meet the apprentices at the start of their exciting new career journeys, and I’m confident they all have bright futures ahead.”

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