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Norfolk chief constable to retire

Another Chief Constable job is about to become vacant as Norfolk?s chief has announced he is retiring.
Published - 24/03/2021 By - Chris Smith

Chief Constable Simon Bailey announced he will retire in June after completing 35 years’ service – including eight years leading Norfolk.

It also means further changes to the National Police Chiefs’ roster of responsibilities as since 2014 he has held the National Police Chief’s Council portfolio for Child Protection and Abuse Investigations.

Since 2016 he has been the NPCC lead for Violence and Public Protection.

Deputy Chief Constable Paul Sanford will take on the role of Temporary Chief Constable as of 1 July 2021 until a replacement is confirmed by the force’s Police and Crime Panel.

But it also means that out of 43 forces, 12 have either a Chief in post with less than a year’s experience or are about to recruit,

Two forces – West Mercia and Staffordshire – are also looking for new Chiefs. Anthony Bangham is leaving West Mercia is September after 30 years and Gareth Morgan is retiring at Staffordshire after 33 years.

Norfolk is among the top-performing forces, having been rated as good for reducing crime and dealing with the public in its last PEEL assessment. And the force was rated outstanding for efficiently and sustainability.

Mr Bailey said: "I have been extremely proud to lead Norfolk Constabulary as Chief Constable for the last eight years.  However, after 35 years in policing, the time has now come to look to pastures new.  So, following careful consideration, I have made the decision to retire on Wednesday 30 June 2021.

"During my tenure as Chief Constable, the force has faced many challenges, including the last year policing in a pandemic and I am indebted to the support given to me from a dedicated and talented team of chief officers, alongside that of our Police and Crime Commissioner, Lorne Green.

"I also want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of my officers and staff for their hard work, commitment and dedication in policing our county and making Norfolk Constabulary a force to be truly proud of.”

His replacement will also be working with a new Police and Crime Commissioner as Lorne Green isn’t standing again.

Mr Green gave a warm tribute to his “exceptional” Chief Constable: “Mr Bailey has been an inspirational and courageous leader with a clear vision on how to re-fashion policing in Norfolk to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

“His 2020 programme for change has made our constabulary one of the best in the country and he is recognised locally, regionally and nationally as one of the top police officers.

“His national leadership over many years on Operation Hydrant, addressing issues of child sexual abuse, has been nothing short of exceptional.”

Mr Green added:  “He will leave the force in a strong position, as one of the few recognised nationally as outstanding for efficiency; a legacy of which he can be proud and one that will enable his successor to continue to ensure Norfolk Constabulary maintains its reputation for excellence.” 

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