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Chief Constable Alan Pughsley has his contract extended to 2025

Kent Police?s Chief Constable Alan Pughsley has had his contract extended for another five years by Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott.
Published - 28/08/2020 By - Chloe Livadeas

CC Pughsley will continue to lead Kent Police until January 2025.

He became chief constable in January 2014 and PCC Scott extended his appointment in 2016 for three years to January 2022.

The force is currently undertaking it’s biggest-ever recruitment drive with the aim of will see Kent Police have 3,813 officers by March 2021.

PCC Scott is supporting this by raising the Council Tax precept for 2020/21.

Kent have been allocated 147 officers in the first wave of the government uplift.

They have already recruited 502 officers in 2019/20, which includes an extra 180 from the council tax uplift secured by the PCC and 115 new officers allocated to the force by the uplift.

PCC Scott said: “Over the past four years, we have worked together to make Kent a safer place to live, work and visit.

“This has included restoring police numbers to a higher level than there were in 2010, the falls in crime and anti-social behaviour prior to the lockdown and the focus on dealing with the issues that matter to local residents, such as visible policing, burglary, violence and gangs.

“In this period, Kent Police has continued to improve in its independently assessed policing inspections – with more ‘outstanding’ gradings than any other force.

“There remain some challenges that will need to be addressed in the coming years, which I will continue to scrutinise and challenge where necessary, such as recruiting more officers, delivering the headquarters and workforce transformation plan and continuing to support all of our urban, rural and coastal neighbourhoods.”

CC Pughsley said he was “incredibly pleased” to be offered the “privilege to continue to serve as the Chief Constable of this outstanding force”. 

“The delivery by my officers, staff and volunteers over a sustained period of time is nothing short of exemplary and I very much look forward to being able to continue our work together. 

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