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West Midlands PCC commits to recruiting 1,000 BAME officers

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson has committed to ensuring the force recruits 1,000 new BAME officers over the next three years.
Published - 12/06/2020 By - Chloe Livadeas

The OPCC said this was not a change of policy but would “accelerate plans” to make the force look more like the communities it serves.

Over the next three years West Midlands are set to grow by at least 1,200 officers, meaning 2,750 will need to be recruited to fill the gap made by those leaving the force. PCC Jamieson wants 1,000 of these to be BAME – around 36 per cent.

PCC Jamieson said: “A variety of issues have brought people onto the streets over recent weeks, but equality and fairness is at the core. That requires the government to step-up and ensure that there are opportunities for all communities so that everyone can reach their potential, as well as the courts, health service and other agencies who influence our day to day lives. For policing there are key actions too.

“There is no simple solution, but what will make a bigger difference than anything else is ensuring that our force looks much more like the communities it serves.

September 2019 figure show out of the force’s 6,495 officers, 706 (10.9 per cent) are from a BAME background.

“That is an improvement from when I became PCC but is still not good enough,” said PCC Jamieson.

In 2014 there were 7,162 officers, 611 (8.5 per cent).

PCC Jamieson said the goal requires an increase in effort by West Midlands Police, but also requires those "who have been sceptical towards joining the police to think again".

"I say to those people, if you want to change policing, then the best way is to get involved and join yourself. Change the organisation from within.”

PCC Jamieson said the Chief Constable, Dave Thompson, shares his commitment to make the force look like the communities it serves.

The most recent ONS population census (2011) shows that the West Midlands was the second most ethnically diverse area behind London, with BAME at around 20 per cent. This was against an average across England and Wales of 14 per cent.

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