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Specials clock up nearly 11,000 hours in a month

Special Constables put in nearly 11,000 hours last month to help tackle the COVID-19 crisis.
Published - 11/06/2020 By - Chris Smith

Policing Minister Kit Malthouse revealed the number of hours by volunteer officers has gone up by 105% in May compared to the same period last year.

According to the Home Office, Special Constables have responded to the emergency by giving extra time, including those who have been furloughed from their day jobs

They have carried out duties during 10,965 of hours compared to 5,345 hours in May last year.

The extent of the work they have been doing across the country was promoted on social media at the weekend including Norfolk Special Constabulary carrying out speeding checks, mental health teams being supported in West Cornwall and liaising with the Court Service in Bedfordshire.

The official recognition of the input from the 10,000 volunteers in England and Wales will strengthen the case made by the Police Federation for giving them stronger legal recognition.

In an interview this week with Police Oracle, the Fed’s lead for training and development, Dave Bamber, said the plans to change the law so Specials can become members was needed as they were now effectively doing the same jobs as full-time officers but do not have the same legal protection.

Home Office policy and legal teams are currently drafting the legislation which is set to be announced in the autumn.

Policing Minister Kit Malthouse was updated on what members of the Special Constabulary have been doing in a video conference call with four volunteers last night.

He told Police Oracle: “Like all of our specials they come from different walks of life: students, fathers and mothers, and employees across a range of industries. Some have been furloughed and others have needed to care for loved ones.

“Yet they have all given up their spare time to put on the uniform and serve their communities - joining the national effort to control the spread of coronavirus and save lives. And they have not been alone. In May we saw an incredible 105% rise in hours served by Specials compared to the previous year.”

He added: “They have made an incredible contribution and made us all proud. I want to say thank you to the volunteers, families and employers that have made all of this possible.”

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