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More companies sign up to employee Specials programme

Twenty six businesses and organisations sign up to Employee Supported Policing programme
Published - 04/06/2020 By - Gary Mason

Business consultancy company CGI has joined the Employee Supported Policing (ESP) scheme which releases staff during working hours to volunteer as Special Constables.

Other organisations to sign up to the scheme include BA, Tesco, HSBC, Vodafone, Lloyd’s of London, Ikea and the Civil Service faststream.

The Met says that during the pandemic it has seen some furloughed Specials increase their duty hours.  

SC Jade Sargeant joined six months ago and completed nearly 130 hours of duties in April while being furloughed from her cabin crew job.

“I’ve always wanted to make a difference in my community and the special constable role appealed to me as I was able to learn, gain experience and enjoy being a police officer whilst at the same time enjoying my main job as cabin crew,” she said.

Companies that sign up to the ESP scheme grant employees ‘special paid’ leave to enable them to volunteer up to 11 days a year.

Amongst the CGI members involved is Laura Milne, Director Consulting Expert, who is shortly returning to the Met as a special constable, having previously been with the force as an officer for 15 years both in uniform and as a detective sergeant. Laura said: “The Met has always been hugely important to me and I’m really pleased that CGI is giving me time to enable me to return to the force and assist my colleagues at this crucial time. I am very much looking forward to assisting the people of London again, whilst sharing and developing my skills and expertise within both organisations.”

Commander Catherine Roper said: “The scheme is a powerful partnership between organisations and the Met, and we’re grateful for them in encouraging their staff to consider becoming specials. The work of special constables is absolutely essential in keeping London safe, especially now in supporting our response to coronavirus.”

As of 30 April 2020, the Met had 1,869 special constables in varying ranks and roles.

A total of 26 organisations have committed to the ESP scheme and as a result, 168 people have joined the Met as specials.

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