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Skills for Justice asks first responders to take part in virus response survey

Research designed to collect good practice examples of response to COVID-19 after public sector forced to adapt to pandemic ?at pace?
Published - 03/06/2020 By - Gary Mason

Skills for Justice is launching a national workforce survey of police and other public sector workers to help understand the critical skills required to rebuild a sustainable, productive, and flexible public sector workforce following the pandemic.

Part of the survey will involve collecting good practice examples of responses to the crisis from police, fire, ambulance and the armed forces.

Skills for Justice is a not-for-profit organisation set up in 2004 to inform policy and professional standards.

Launching the survey it said: “Since the outbreak of coronavirus, our dedicated Police, Fire & Rescue and  Armed Forces have had to adapt rapidly to meet the increased demand on services and the changing needs of the public. This has been a behemoth, collaborative national effort.”

Because organisations have had to respond “at pace” the impact on the public sector workforce is still yet to be realised, it adds.

“It is imperative that evidence based research, and insights are sought to establish the extent Covid-19 has had on all areas of organisational life; from staff mental health and wellbeing, to recruitment and retention, leadership, organisational structure, to training, and skills development.

“In addition, the strategies, changes and innovative solutions that have been made out of necessity, must also be acknowledged, both in how they have helped to improve services and outcomes throughout the crisis, and why they must be maintained in the future.”

It says the findings will be compiled into a report by the research team to help employers “focus on short and medium-term priorities.”

Jon Parry, Head of Research for Skills for Justice said: “We will report our findings in due course, disseminating through our stakeholder networks and publishing on our website. Your participation will ensure that we are all able to contribute to rebuilding a sustainable workforce with the critical skills required post Covid-19.”

For every completed survey response, Skills for Justice says it will donate 10p to NHS Charities Together, who continue to support NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients.

Please click here to take part

The survey is open until Tuesday 30 June 2020.

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