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Officer who applied to join the force aged nine retires after 30 years

Steve Joynes, who wanted to become a police officer from the age of three, today finishes his career.
Published - 04/12/2019 By - Chloe Livadeas

An Essex officer today retired after 30 years of service after first sending in his application aged nine.

Steve Joynes, 49, says he wanted to become a police officer from the age of three.

Steve said: “I was three and waiting with my mum to pick my brother up from school and there was a police motorbike there. I was fascinated, so the officer picked me up and put me on the bike.

“It was like a light switch had been turned on. From then on being a police officer was what I always wanted to do.”

After 30 years of living the dream he today finished a fulfilling career of helping the community of Rochford.

Thought to be the youngest applicant the force has ever received, Steve wrote to the Essex Police after seeing an advert in the local newspaper back in 1980.

Nine year-old Steve was lucky enough to receive a home visit from two officers involved in recruitment and training after he impressed the then Chief Constable Robert Bunyard with his application letter.

They promised to keep his details on file for future opportunities. Steve later joined the force aged nineteen and began his first post in Rayleigh. He has always lived and served in the area and spent most of his time also working in Hockley and Rochford. It is unusual for an officer to stay in the same district for the entirety of their policing career.

During his career Steve received a Chief Officers’ Commendation in 1999, was named Citizen of the Year in 2007 and has spent his last six months in the role of Acting Sergeant, giving guidance to new officers in the service.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Steve’s daughter Eloise, 17, also has plans to join the force.  

Steve said: “It is a massive family and I think that’s the bit I’m going to miss the most.”

Steve now plans to take a break before deciding on the next chapter in his career.

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