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Serving officer Career progression – Promotion

The police and criminal justice sector is an equal opportunities employer which is committed to reflecting the diverse community it serves.

The sector offers the highest calibre of training all of the UK 's employment sectors with an unrivalled access to further education.

Plus, of course there is career progression through specialist training, which could be gained in one or more of the following areas:
Crime Analysis
Dog handling
Economic Crime (financial Investigations)
Child Protection
Community Safety

By way of illustration of the career progression opportunities, let us look at the administrative grades within the police service. The basic administrative grade is the Administrative Assistant: these team members are generally responsible for ensuring that material collected is properly documented and accessible. The next grade up is the Administrative Officer: such individuals may oversee the work of a number of Administrative Assistants, as well as having more contact with police officers, other police staff and members of the public. Both these grades will give you opportunities to demonstrate potential and commitment, which in turn could lead to opportunities to progress to the grade of Executive Officer.

An Executive Officer is the first managerial level for police civilian staff. You will be responsible for taking a lead in supervising, managing and motivating an administrative team. You will also have regular contact with senior police officers, with other public departments such as local authorities, and with members of the public.

Beyond Executive Officer, you will find that working in the police service gives you opportunities to develop both within and outside your chosen specialism - and also within and outside the police service itself. For example, elsewhere in the public sector with Local Authorities and other Criminal Justice departments.