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Soldier Equipment and Technology Advancement Forum (SETAF)

Published: Tuesday 14 April 2015

Soldier Equipment and Technology Advancement Forum (SETAF)

14-15 March 2016 in London, UK

Building on the positive feedback and success of our previous meeting in Oslo, the second instalment of SETAF shall seek to bring together soldier modernisation program managers, technical leaders from industry, leading researchers and end users, to proactively advance and develop optimum approaches to dismounted soldier capability.

With its unique and interactive format, we maintain our original belief in “No Attendees only participants”, with the entirety of our attendees playing an active role in the development of ideas. Unlike other events, SETAF is designed around a combination of panel discussions and focused discussion groups, run by co-chairs who are experts in their respective subject matter. With no PowerPoint presentations or keynotes, SETAF will dedicate the precious time of participants to networking and interactive discussions, making it a complementary part of the soldier modernisation communities’ annual training and development programme.

Drawing on a wealth of experience and technical expertise, SETAF shall cover the key areas that directly influence the operational effectiveness of the dismounted soldier:

  • Power
  • Communications
  • Lethality
  • Survivability
  • Mobility
  • Human Factors


  • The only discussion based forum for the soldier community helping advance dismounted capabilities through knowledge exchange and debate, not Power Point presentations or lengthy key note speeches
  • “No attendees, only participants” all attendees have the potential to directly influence and learn from discussions, this a hands on training tool for the community
  • Military Experts confirmed from the UK, United States, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and Portugal
  • The only event that invites technical project managers, scientists and lead engineers from major industry programmes to join and help   steer the debate


  • Dr Carsten Cremers, Group Fuel Cells Leader, Fraunhofer Institut Chemische Technologie
  • Dr Darren Browning, Capability Lead, Power Sources Team, Platform Systems Division, DSTL
  • Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Matthew Dooley, Former Head of the US Army Lethality Branch, Senior Consultant, Advanced Technologies, John H. Northrop and Associates
  • Lieutenant Colonel Andrew McNulty, Maneuver Branch Head for Fires and Maneuver Integration Division, Capabilities Development Directorate, Combat Development and Integration, HQMC, United States Marine Corps
  • Lieutenant Colonel Iain Moodie, S01, Dismounted Close Combat, Capability Directorate Combat, British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel John Vest, Infantry Chief, Soldier Branch, Manoeuvre, Aviation Soldier Division, ARCIC, HQ, TRADOC, US Army TRADOC
  • Lieutenant Colonel Rob O'Connor, Commanding Officer for the Infantry Trials and Development Unit, Infantry Trials And Development Unit
  • Major Eike Sinzig, Army Concepts and Capabilities Development Centre, German Army
  • Major Magnus Hallberg, Product Manager, Personal Protection and Equipment, Swedish Armed Forces
  • Mr Derek Riezebos, Technical Specialist, DNV GL Energy
  • Mr John Foley, FIST, Technical Director, Thales
  • Mr Johnathan Russell, Platform Systems Division, Physical Protection Group, DSTL
  • Mr Mark Helliker, Team Leader, Physical Protection Group, DSTL
  • Mr Olaf Aul, Head of Systems Engineering, Mission Equipment, Rheinmetall Electronics
  • Mr Patrick Curlier, VP Sales & Marketing, Airland Digitization, Sagem Optronics and Defence Division, Sagem
  • Mr Pim Rensink, Human Factors Expert, Personal Protective Equipment, TNO
  • Richard Hansen, Former Program Manager , Soldier Warrior, PEO Soldier, US Army, PEO Soldier
  • Squadron Leader Dan Roberts, Dismounted Close Combat, Surveillance and Target Aquisition, Capability Directorate Combat, British Army


For further information about SETAF 2016, please click here