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Force to ditch baseball caps

New Northamptonshire Police chief says the recently introduced headwear creates the wrong image
Published - 15/11/2018 By - Ian Weinfass - Police Oracle

A force which introduced baseball caps last year for cost and comfort, is to bring back custodian helmets.

Northamptonshire Police moved away from the traditional headgear in May 2017. A statement at the time outlined a number of apparent advantages including equalising safety standards between men and women and removing recruitment barriers for the non-binary transgender community.

Today Chief Constable Nick Adderley, who took over at the force in the summer, announced on Twitter that the uniform will change again.

He said: “As part of my new approach to policing across Northamptonshire Police I have taken the decision to phase out the baseball caps worn by officers.

“I do not believe that the caps portray the right image of the force and the public support this view. More to follow.”

He added: “Further to the phasing out of baseball caps, frontline officers will no longer be issued with yellow tac vests.

“All officers will be issued with black tac vests as well as fluorescent over-clothing where required.”

Updated 4.15pm: But in a further statement later this afternoon, the chief announced that bump caps will continue to be worn by response and specialist officers after all - for safety reasons.

He said: "Response officers, and specialist teams – those that face hazardous conditions on a daily basis – will continue to wear the bump cap in their daily role, and wear more traditional headgear when they conduct another role or when attending meetings, training etc.

"All officers have had the option of choosing their headgear from the options available to them, and this will always be balanced against the role they perform.

"Having listened to the views of my officers and staff, and those of the public of Northamptonshire, I am happy that we have found a middle way."

The force has not responded to questions about its previous statement that the hats would help remove barriers for transgender and non-binary recruits.

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