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Police support organisation donates £2.1million to boost wellbeing

Thousands of officers were provided with both physical and mental help
Published - 23/03/2018 By - Sophie Garrod - Police Oracle

An organisation is pushing forward to improve the lives of police officers and their families amid an increasingly challenging work environment.

Police Mutual has harnessed its resources to help improve members’ lives and invest in their wellbeing throughout their careers, into second careers and retirement.

In 2017, it gave £2.1million to the policing community to support officers in times of need including providing care breaks, nationwide police station roadshows and community wellbeing projects as well as supporting police-related causes. 

Last year a Police Federation demand survey revealed 80 per cent of officers experience feelings of stress, low mood, anxiety, or other mental health and wellbeing difficulties. 92 per cent of those indicated their psychological difficulties had been caused or made worse by work.

Police Oracle also revealed the story of a young officer who spoke of her frustrations of being turned away after needing support for PTSD.

Police Mutual supported over 600 police staff and their families with respite breaks, an important time-out when they needed it most such as when coping with illness, injury or a traumatic event.

Police Mutual Chief Executive Stephen Mann says: “Our focus on improving the lives of those who protect us is our way of showing support for what members of the police do.

“The tragic events in Manchester and London in 2017 illustrate just how challenging the environment is at present, which is why giving back to our members will remain at the heart of everything we do, and why we strive to go even further in 2018.”

It also provided financial education courses in police stations throughout the country, with 94 per cent of attendees asked saying they felt better equipped to make financial decisions for their future.

Increasing financial capability can reduce the likelihood of depression and anxiety-related health problems by 15 per cent, according to finance company Neyber.

A BeFit4Life roadshow was also set up which visited over 100 police stations across 31 forces, offering financial and health tools, tips and wellbeing support to over 19,000 officers and staff at their place of work.

Mr Mann added: “We know those who protect us have jobs like no other. As a not-for-profit organisation, we pursue a ‘virtuous circle’ of good financial performance, good products and services and a trusted mutual brand enabling us to give back more to those who protect us. Our results prove that you can be a strong performing business and do the right thing.”

Police Mutual is a non-profit financial services provider to the police with 200,000 members,

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