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Force appeals for unpaid drivers

Scheme aims to maximise the amount of time officers can spend on core roles
Published - 05/02/2018 By - Sophie Garrod - Police Oracle

A force is seeking voluntary drivers to relieve the pressure on frontline officers.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary is looking to fill six spots so its officers can be transported.

Officers can request a driver to take them or evidence to court as well as collecting medication for detainees.

Other benefits from the scheme include being able to continue working on mobile devices whilst being driven.

The job is open to anyone over the age of 25 with a full driving licence and a "good knowledge" of the Highway Code.

Perks of the job are described as "being a valued member of Avon and Somerset Constabulary."

The scheme is due to be implemented this spring, and the working hours are 8am until 6pm with breaks.

The job spec says: "We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated team of volunteers who can relieve some of the demand and pressures on our front line officers by providing a driver support service.

"This may involve delivering and collecting items or transporting police officers and their exhibits to and from court."

Volunteers will have access to a fully insured unmarked vehicle with a sat nav, and mobile phone.

Temp Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cullen said: “This scheme is all about embracing trusted members of the community who wish to participate in policing and maximising the amount of time officers and staff spent carrying out their core roles.

“We anticipate the volunteer drivers helping with things like collecting detainee medication or supporting officers in dropping them off and collecting them to conduct enquires in busy settings such as Bristol City Centre. 

“Not only does this enable our officers to keep working on mobile devices whilst being driven but it will ensure that our cars are being used efficiently and not tied up all day for one appointment.”

Devon and Cornwall Police has successfully utilised a similar scheme since 2006.

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