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Government wants 'nodding dogs' to take charge of policing

Local Police Federation chairman critical of Home Secretary's speech
Published - 02/11/2017 By - Martin Buhagiar - Police Oracle

A prominent staff association representative says the government wants 'clones to run the police service'.

Hampshire Police Federation Chairman John Apter took exception to Home Secretary Amber Rudd criticising chief constables for speaking out about budget constraints.

Speaking at the partnership summit of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners and (APCC) and National Council of Police Chiefs (NPCC), Amber Rudd said funding needed to be based on 'evidence and not assertions'.

She told chiefs she did not want them 'reaching for a pen to write a press release asking for more money'.

In a Facebook post Mr Apter said: "This is amid an increase in recorded crime and unprecedented terrorist threat.

"The reality is we simply do not have enough money to do the job we need to do. The demand being placed on our officers and staff is unsustainable and we have gone beyond breaking point. The public are suffering, our colleagues are suffering."

Mr Apter said the number of chiefs raising their concerns about budgets should be noted by the government rather than dismissed.

He added: "We know things are bad when chief constables (who are not due to retire) are speaking out so boldly about the pressures they face and the need for more funding.

"For the Home Secretary to challenge chiefs in such a way demonstrates the government appears to want clones running the police service – nothing more than nodding dogs who remain silent even when their professional judgement tells them they must act.

"The political interference in policing, which has been going on for some time, is a bloody disgrace.

"This government does not care about policing. It does not care about those who perform policing. And when the Prime Minister or the Home Secretary talk about the heroic actions of police officers in times of crisis they needn’t bother. Their kind words mean nothing - they are contemptible and are an insult.

"So my message to chief constables who have been so firmly placed on the naughty step is continue to speak out, continue to highlight the truth. It matters."

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