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Officers in Scotland given one per cent pay increase

Letter also reveals reforms to overtime and rest day regulations.
Published - 07/09/2017 By - Sophie Garrod - Police Oracle

The General Secretary of the Scottish Police Federation has been criticised by some officers for saying he was "pleased" with a one per cent pay increase.

In a letter published earlier this week officers were told the agreed increase covered all points on the police officer pay scales.

The increase applies to salaries from September 1.

In the letter, General Secretary Calum Steele said: "I am pleased to be able to advise you that the police pay award for 2017 has been agreed.

"The Police Service of Scotland has formally communicated the details of the agreement on the force intranet."

As well as the increase, it was also revealed the deduction of payment or time off in lieu for the first four occasions of casual overtime in any week rule will be scrapped from December 1.

Other reforms have also been made to regulations on officer rest days.

The Fed outlined from April 1 2018, if officers have to work on a rest day during a period of annual leave, that day (or subsequent rest days similarly worked) will be compensated in the same way as if the requirement to work were on a day of annual leave.

“A qualifying period of leave shall be defined as a period of four days or more, at least one being a day of annual leave and the remaining days being rest days, public holidays or days taken off in lieu of overtime,” it added.

Compensation will be given to officers from October 1 who work on their rest days according to how many hours they have worked

Officers can also choose two days, in place of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, as public holidays for religious reasons or cultural reasons. This will come into effect from April 1 next year.

The letter tell officers of the conditions that will not be changed such as the four hour minimum payment rule on occasions where an officer is made to work on a rest day without notice.

But where the officer is not required to attend a police station, police incident, or court, the minimum payment is one hour.

It has also been agreed the four hour minimum payment rule surrounding being recalled to duty on a working day during night shift hours will be kept, but will be compensated on hours worked and travelling time.

It reiterated the “minimum payment is one hour” for night shifts.

However, the reforms did not gone down well with many officers with many taking to social networking site Twitter to voice their opinions.

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