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Cybercrime forum brought agencies and businesses together

Forum hosted by Police Oracle's parent company, Red Snapper Group
Published - 20/07/2015 By - Martin Jerrold and Martin Buhagiar

Police are "skimming the surface" when it comes to tackling cybercrime, Britain's most senior policeman has claimed.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe says a squad of around 300 officers has been created to deal with online crime, with a further 200 set to join within the next 12 months.

Sir Bernard's comments come following the conclusion of Police Oracle's parent company, Red Snapper Group's, inaugural Cyber Crime Forum.

Earlier today this website reported that market leading criminal justice staffing services business, Red Snapper Recruitment Ltd, merged with Acumin Consulting Ltd, the leading information and cyber security staffing services business.

Speakers at the forum included Bedfordshire Police Temporary Chief Constable and national deputy lead for cybercrime Jon Boutcher, Bhavuk Arora, security manager at consultancy corporation Capgemini, Richard Butcher, City of London Police cybercrime Detective Constable and Red Snapper director David Peacock.

The purpose of the forum was to bring together the law enforcement and cyber security communities to hold frank and open discussions under Chatham House rules.

Discussions focussed on how these communities could work better together to meet the emerging and ever changing cyber threats and to share any frustrations each community had about the others approach to combatting the threat and how they chose to work with other stake holders to combat them.

Attended by over 80 policing and industry cyber security professionals the day was a lively event with a great deal of frank and challenging debates from all sides.

A set of themes which came from the day was the need for the police sector to invest more in its capacity to respond to cybercrime, the need for industry to work with the police sector more to support its response to cybercrime and for there to be a continuing exploration into what a collaborative police and industry response to cybercrime could look like.

The forum ended with a case study from one particular police force which has a very developed collaborative working relationship with a commercial digital forensics service provider.

The case study was an excellent example of how policing might choose to operate as standard in the future given the scale of the threat and the finite resources open to police business managers.

Police Oracle can report the attendees who represented the police sector and the attendees representing the commercial cyber security and cyber investigation community agreed that working at better collaboration is the only way forward.

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