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Hertfordshire cancels PEQF courses ?to process additional applications?

The force has cancelled their next two training courses, one due to start in late March and the second in early April.
Published - 04/04/2022 By - Cachella Smith

The force told Police Oracle that “students on the next two intakes through the PEQF route will now be starting on intakes in May.”

When asked the reason for the delay, a Hertfordshire spokesperson said: “Having reviewed our annual training calendar, it was decided to cancel two training courses, one scheduled to start late-March and the second early April, until May to allow additional time to process additional applications.

“The police officer application process involves a number of stages which applicants are supported through, including interviews, fitness tests, pre-employment and vetting checks.”

The force has been recruiting through PEQF since July 2021 but are one of the few still recruiting through the traditional IPLDP training route which is being phased out in England and Wales as the College of Policing has said it is no longer 'fit for purpose.'

The deadline for scrapping IPLDP in all 43 forces has been extended several times. The latest deadline is April 2023. 

A Hertfordshire spokesperson told Police Oracle: “We are using all avenues of recruitment available to us so we are still using [IPLDP] whilst it is available.

“This route also allows us to recruit direct entry detectives through the ADCP (Accelerated detective Constable Programme).”

According to the latest statistics revealed by the Home Office, released to Police Oracle last month, the force had recruited 535 officers towards their Uplift targets, while recording a 9.3 per cent attrition rate.

Last month, the Met reported that it was receiving fewer than 50 per cent of the applications it needed to meet Uplift recruitment targets. The Met are similarly continuing to recruit through IPLDP.

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