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GMP use retired detectives to prepare arrest packs for frontline teams

Reported crime squad of 109 station-based supervisors and investigators conduct initial inquiries
Published - 14/09/2021 By - Gary Mason

Greater Manchester Police is using a large dedicated team of mostly retired station-based officers to carry out initial investigations into reported crimes and also prepare arrest packs for completed inquiries and identified offenders.

The Crime Investigation Team, made up of 14 supervisors and 95 investigators force wide, was launched by Chief Constable Stephen Watson in May to help alleviate pressure on frontline officers,

So far, the force says more than 1,000 arrest packs have been prepared and sent to the frontline, 750 of which include a completed victim referral so they can be signposted to the appropriate support services.

An analysis by Bury stations has shown that the introduction of the team has resulted in 10% of workload being relieved from the response teams with an average of 90 crimes less for all five relief teams since May, according to GMP.

Mr Watson said the aim of the Crime Investigation Team is to ensure that every reported crime is investigated and has an appropriate assessment with the majority of victims being contacted within 48 hours of reporting an offence.

Mr Watson took over the force earlier this year after it was put on Special Measures by the Home Office when an HMICFRS review found GMP had failed to properly record more than 80,000 crimes.

GMP says part of the role of the team is to identify linked crimes to identify prolific offenders and ensure they receive longer sentences at court. Statistics show that 5% of offenders commit 50% of all crime,

Chief Constable Watson said: "A number of our reported crimes do not require an officer visit, which means our desk-based officers within the Crime Investigation Team are able to deal with those crimes, freeing up resources for the frontline officers to attend urgent ongoing crimes, whilst ensuring all victims are still heard and receive the necessary support regarding their reports of crime.

"The vast majority of the team is made-up from retired officers who hold a wealth of experience in regards to investigations and police knowledge and the team has proved an invaluable asset to the force as we start to build back that confidence with the public we serve and hold our promise that all crimes will be investigated."

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