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Oscar Kilo pilots instinct app to improve wellbeing

A live research study has been launched in a bid to improve officer wellbeing.
Published - 06/04/2021 By - Chris Smith

Oscar Kilo, the national police wellbeing service, has begun a live instinct trace as part of a project to map reactions of officers while on duty.

Officers are being urged to volunteer for the three week trial which begins today in a bid to assess how emotional reactions impact on their decision-making.

Oscar Kilo said: “We are carrying out a research study to explore new ways of supporting police officers and staff across the country. Officers and staff are absolutely key to us understanding the real picture of how people doing your jobs day-in day-out, are really feeling at work.”

They want officers to use a Smart phone app three times a day over a 10-day period. 

The data from each 90-second input will help inform work by Oscar Kilo and forces to improve workplace wellbeing.

It does not record any personal information, and users are only asked to register their age and a description of their current role.

It was developed by a company called Instinct Laboratory who are experts in studying human beings and how we all make decisions.

The programme works as a behavioural diagnostics tool for understanding human emotion and decision making. 

Among those to have already used it are military personnel, elite athletes and surgeons.

Similar apps are already being used in the construction industry to improve the mental health of site workers.

The app allows the user to anonymously input energy and performance levels to assess mood. It will also provide a comparison with other people within UK policing who are using the app too. It then gives immediate feedback.

Oscar Kilo said: “This will help identify the emotional trends and patterns in across the different service roles. Not only will this provide a detailed understanding of how people feel in the police service, but this will allow the team of experts to be able to pinpoint where support may need to be focused.” 

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