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First webinar to discuss link between sport and officer wellbeing

Event including input by three chiefs will hear from forces pioneering surf therapy to combat PTSD
Published - 12/10/2020 By - Police Oracle

TeamPolice will be holding a series of webinars over the next six months to debate and promote the importance of sport to officers’ overall health and wellbeing.

It is working closely with Police Sport UK (PSUK) and sponsor partners who also want to support the service.

The aim is to get the conversation going between policing leaders and other organisations who consider sporting activity an essential element to wellbeing in the police.

The first webinar is being staged tomorrow (13 October) between 4 and 5.30pm to discuss “What are police services doing to promote sport, health and wellbeing as we look at recovering from the immediate Covid-19 crisis?”

Participants will be able to hear how a pioneering surf therapy to combat mental health issues has recently been launched by Devon and Cornwall Police and Dorset Police.

Surfwell uses surf therapy as a treatment method to combat PTSD, stress and mental health issues.  It’s the first programme of its kind in the world specifically tailored to the needs of the emergency services.

This will be followed by a panel discussion, led by three chief constables - Matt Jukes from South Wales, Bill Skelly from Lincolnshire and Andy Cooke from Merseyside - with time for Q and As from the audience.

Officers can join the conversation on the 13th October to find out what the police services are doing to promote sport, health and wellbeing.

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