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NPCC hiring new role of Chief Scientific Advisor

The National Police Chiefs? Council is hiring a Chief Scientific Advisor (CSA) as "resident expert on the use of science and technology in the policing sector".
Published - 06/10/2020 By - Chloe Livadeas

The role will report directly to the Chair of the NPCC and will provide independent scientific advice to the policing service and will advise on emerging research and innovation to advise police chiefs on strategic opportunities and risks.

The CSA will help policing “underpin decisions with evidence, science and technology”. The successful candidate will be encouraged to mould the new role.

The NPCC said: “As we continually strive to make policing more efficient and effective, we require the Policing Chief Scientific Advisor to connect science and technology expertise both in the UK and globally to keep policing in England and Wales at the forefront of best practice.”

They'll be expected to support the sector as a whole, including the College of Policing, the National Crime Agency, the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, forces and ministers. They will also be expected to act as a media spokesperson for the NPCC/policing, as required.

They will work alongside the Home Office CSA, as well as the rest of the CSA Network. 

A foreword in the job’s information pack by Sir Patrick Vallance, the governement’s CSA, reads: “If you are an outstanding scientist or engineer who is also an excellent communicator and leader, we very much look forward to hearing from you.”

The salary will range from £120-£130k per annum dependant on skills and experience, for a fixed term of 3 years.

The need for the role was decided pre-coronavirus. The 2020/21 budget settlement made provision for the new role under the STAR heading. 

The job advert reads: “The role will involve coordinating, leading, and overseeing relevant scientific and analytical work within policing on a national scale. The post holder will be responsible for leading and delivering strategic scientific advice in high level and complex work programmes involving millions of pounds of investment through ownership of the NPCC research budget and chairing the Policing Science, Technology, Analysis and Research (STAR) Oversight Board, which will feed into the Home Office STAR Oversight Board.”

The ad also says the CSA will be involved in the creation of a “new world-leading” National Crime Laboratory. The National Crime Laboratory was pledged in the government’s last election manifesto but without any particulars given.

The NPCC said full details are still being agreed.

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