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Officer fights back tears during final sign-off

?Take me off the board, I?m 10-10. Thanks very much, love you all, thank you?
Published - 08/03/2019 By - Hermione Wright

The touching moment an officer breaks down making his final radio sign-off before his retirement has gone viral on social media.

Colleagues watched as a visibly moved PC Adrian Secker makes his last call on the job, asking operators to “take me off the board, I’m 10-10. Thanks very much, love you all, thank you.”



A fellow officer uploaded the tear-jerking 22-second video to Twitter, which has been viewed 84,000 times and counting.  

The 53-year-old Avon and Somerset officer, affectionately known as Adge, received almost 200 comments from well-wishers, with one saying “only met you once, and you certainly lived up to your reputation. Happy retirement buddy.”

Another said: “Oh man. This made my eyes water. Best of luck for the future.”

Responding to the video, a colleague added: ‘”Adge. I bet they wondered what on earth you were saying!”

PC Secker, who has worked in the force for 30 years, was awarded the British Empire Medal last year for his contribution to policing in the City of Bath and its communities.

It was his childhood dream to become a police officer, something that didn’t fade over the years – posting on Twitter that he recently ended his “love affair” with the police. In 2013, he was named Avon and Somerset beat manager of the year for his community policing work.

Describing his police styling as old-fashioned, the recent retiree is now using his knowledge of the area to work as a tour guide of Bath and the Cotswolds.

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