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RSMS Specialist Diversionary Worker/Community Rehabilitation Officer
RSMS - Managed Services

At Ass Glance

Job Reference: UM-POJ-240130-01

Salary: £26,000 to £28,000

Benefits: N/A

Location: Staffordshire

Role/Type: Fixed Term/Full Time

Required Skills/Qualifications: N/A

RSMS Specialist Diversionary Worker/Community Rehabilitation Officer

RSMS Specialist Diversionary Worker/Community Rehabilitation Officer

Reporting to: ASB Manager for all matters.

Set out below are the broad team-based responsibilities for the RSMS Specialist Diversionary Worker.

Main Duties

  • Provide a highly visible presence/capable guardianship via patrols in specific locations at agreed times (minimum of 2 specialist diversionary workers in each patrol, in each of the 5 areas, a minimum of 5 days per week for a duration of 8 hours), in agreement with local police team.
  • Engage with those committing Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) to:
  • Assess the circumstances and understand the causal factors of the ASB
  • Provide advice, information and guidance
  • Provide evidence based, appropriate immediate, brief interventions
  • Signpost and refer to relevant support services.
  • Engage with those concerned about/ affected by ASB, providing advice, information, signposting and referral to relevant enforcement services.
  • Provide a reassuring presence, particularly for more vulnerable people including the elderly, young people and women.
  • Actively engage with the public, businesses, and other organisations to understand their concerns, gather intelligence and provide feedback.
  • Ensure information, intelligence and reports outside the scope of the service are referred to the police or other relevant agency.
  • Deliver ‘on the street’ interventions as appropriate for the purposes of rehabiitation
  • To prepare progress reports of offender progress and record interactions

Supporting Duties

  • To ensure all written work is of a top-quality standard
  • To attend meetings with stakeholders as required.

Uniform and Equipment

  • You will be issued with a full uniform and identification badge
  • You will be provided with radios, body worn video technology (for Community Wardens) and personal protection equipment.

Training, Vetting

  •  You will receive full training
  • You will be required to undergo law enforcement sector security vetting.

To be considered you will need to offer

  • A level 3 qualification (A levels | Higher education diploma | Advanced apprenticeship)
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills with a demonstratable ability to interact with community members, partner agencies and other stakeholders.
  •  Experience in roles that involve effective communication such as customer service or other public facing roles.


We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from all members of the community. All applications will be considered on the basis of objective criteria, such as qualifications, experience and ability to do the job.

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