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Free training course for probation sector rejoiners
RSR Justice

At A Glance

Job Reference: TK-POJ-210312-01

Salary: N/A

Benefits: Free training course to re skill / up skill former probation staff

Location: Nationwide

Role/Type: Permanent/Part Time

Required Skills/Qualifications: Qualified Probation Officer or Experienced Probation Service Officer

RSR Justice is a market leading recruitment business dedicated to providing top quality candidates and services to the offender rehabilitation and supervision work sectors.

RSR Justice will be reinstating our classroom based Rejoiner Training for former Probation Service staff in May 2021 (subject to the planned reduction in social distancing measures).

This is a completely free service aimed at former Probation Officers and Probation Service Officers seeking to return to work in offender management, or simply in need of refreshing their skills.

This RSR training programme is designed for candidates/delegates who have been out of offender management or the prison and probation sector for a number of years. It is to be completed prior to returning to work in offender management, with the aim of increasing the supply of skilled Probation Officers and Probation Service Officers.

Alternatively, the programme can be a refresher course to maintain continuous professional development for the existing workforce and as a tool to go over key areas of practice and knowledge and demonstrate continuing baseline capability.

The programme outputs:

  • The current political and professional context of the prison and probation service and how this has developed since 2014
  • Opportunity to share and discuss anxieties about returning to Probation.
  • Full review of the current sentencing structure in the criminal courts.
  • Information given about the use of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 and how Probation Officers contribute to sentencing
  • The Criminal Justice Act 2015
  • Information given about the latest legal amendments made to the sentencing structure
  • How to write Pre-Sentence Reports and the role of professional moderation.
  • Information given on Offender Management and Desistance
  • A review of the assessment tools used
  • Information about the theoretical basis of assessment tools
  • Information about current use of Risk Assessment


The course has eight modules covering different areas of offender management theory, legislation and practice as above and is completed by taking a true or false quiz to determine a pass or fail.

Participants will be able to try again if they select a wrong answer. Once participants have successfully completed the Q + A section, they should move onto the next chapter.

Once all the modules are completed, participants are required to complete a final multiple-choice test comprising 20 questions. The questions, whilst obviously based on the subjects covered during the course, are not the same as those posed at the end of each chapter. Once completed participants will receive feedback on their final score and will receive a certificate if they have passed. There is also the opportunity to re-take the final test if not.


The training will be delivered over two days, across weekends, at RSRs offices in London and/or Birmingham, between 9am and 4pm. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we can only accommodate 8 delegates per training and places will be offered on a first come first served basis.

We aim to return to offering classroom-based courses in May 2021. The course is free, but will require delegates to attend at their own expense.

If you would like to express an interest in attending the course or would like some more information please send an email

If you would like to discuss the training on the phone then please call Tomas Keenan-Blair on 0203 1119 3307.

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