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Commissioner of Police - Royal Anguilla Police Force

At A Glance

Job Reference: HR-POJ-200731-01

Salary: in the scale of up to EC$180,000 per annum (1

Benefits: N/A

Location: Anguilla

Role/Type: Fixed Term/Full Time

Required Skills/Qualifications: N/A

The British Overseas Territory of Anguilla lies at the northern end of the Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The Territory comprises one large island (approximately 35 square miles) along with a number of uninhabited cays. It has a population of around 15,000.

Along with other British Overseas Territories, most governance and administrative responsibilities lie with the elected administration, save those retained by the UK and provided for by the Constitution. These areas of retained competence include domestic security, which remains the responsibility of the Governor. This includes policing.

The Royal Anguilla Police Force (RAPF) was established in 1990. It was the successor to the Anguilla Police Force established in 1972, which provided policing in Anguilla in the immediate years following Anguilla’s separation from St. Kitts and Nevis. The RAPF is responsible for providing all Anguilla’s policing and domestic security functions. The RAPF is also, in conjunction with the island’s Attorney General the prosecuting authority – there is no distinct public prosecution function. Judicially, Anguilla, alongside all English Speaking independent nations and territories of the Eastern Caribbean, forms part of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. 

As of June 2020, the RAPF comprised 111 officers drawn from Anguilla and several other Caribbean islands. The RAPF’s operational costs are met by the Government of Anguilla and are – in contrast to some other Overseas Territories – comparatively limited given the tight public finances of recent years. Assistance provided by the UK Government under the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) has been available in recent years to meet some equipment and training costs.  

Crime and policing issues are important to Anguillians and hotly debated. The RAPF and the role and performance of the Commissioner are consequently subject to public scrutiny and commentary.

Core responsibilities

Reporting to the Governor, the Commissioner’s core responsibilities are to:

i.          provide visible strategic leadership to the RAPF maintaining a force skilled, equipped, confident and motivated to meet current and future challenges;

ii.          raise the RAPF’s professional standards, ensure compliance with the code of ethics and respect for human rights through a programme of continual force improvement

iii.         improve standards of accountability of policing to build public confidence and trust in the police;

iv.         ensure the effective use and proper administration of public funds and international financial assistance; and 

v.         work alongside the Attorney General and other partners to improve the speed, transparency and fairness of the criminal justice system for the benefit of victims and the protection of human rights.

Essential experience and qualities

The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate the following experience and qualities:

i.          at least two years of senior command in operational policing defined as a minimum of UK Chief Superintendent or equivalent;

ii.          a track record in implementing successful organisational development, change and innovation in policing, grounded in an understanding of changing crime and threat patterns combined with an awareness of how policing should adapt to social and economic issues;

iii.         the ability to engage with different stakeholders including elected representatives; partners within the criminal justice system and a culturally diverse community;

iv.         proven ability to manage a diverse range of policing challenges; and

iv.         effective administration of resources.

Essential qualifications

The successful candidate will be able to evidence achievement of professional qualifications in the following:

i.        Senior operational policing leadership;

ii.        Multi-agency incident command; and

iii.       Strategic firearms command.

In addition the successful candidate will be able to evidence achievement of professional qualifications in at least one of the following:

i.         Senior investigating officer; and

ii.        Public order command.

Terms and conditions

This appointment is made on a two year fixed term contract, which can be extended on such terms and for such period as may be mutually agreed.  The salary is in the scale of up to EC$180,000 per annum (1US$ = EC$2.68) and attracts a 15% gratuity of basic salary at the end of the complete term (i.e. paid once only).  30 days of annual leave with full pay will be granted, which must be taken during the term of employment.

A relocation grant and economy air travel for the successful applicant and dependent family members at the beginning and end of contract (if not currently based in Anguilla) will be provided.  A housing allowance (c.EC$3,500 per month), mobile phone and car will be provided. You may be eligible to benefit from a civil service wide insurance scheme.

Making an application

Application should be submitted online via:

Details of duties and qualifications can be found online at, attached to the vacant position OR visit our Facebook page @PublicAdminAXA OR from the Governor’s Chief of Staff (; +1-264-497-2621). 

Applications should be submitted on or before Friday 18 September.

Interviews are scheduled for the week of 5 October 2020.